Exact Security Services

We at Exact Security Guard Company Services offers customer’s top-notch security services such as armed & unarmed guard, guard tour system and patrolling, cctv provider & monitoring, mobile patrol & escort and bodyguard services


Exact Security Guards Company Services is a private limited company registered under The Companies Commission of Malaysia with number 347840-U. Exact Security Services has proudly served the Malaysian community since 10 January 1998, with license to operate nationwide under the laws of Section 3, 1971 Private Agency Act No. 27/71.

Fouded by management personnel with extensive military background, Exact Security Services has performed in various contract with different governmental agencies and authorities including success with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Today, Exact Security Services continue to expand its network and has a current of over 500 employees serving contracts throughout the country. 


“To match out client’s expectations and deliver security services with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity”



Being a customer focused organization, staying close to our clients and to protect their homes, workplace and communities

Devoting our time to better understanding our client’s needs

Designing and implementing better solutions for a wide spectrum of environments

Hiring and retaining the most qualified people available and maximizing opportunity for success through training and developmen

​​Recognizing the importance of open communications and building relationship based on mutual reespect with our client’s, employees and society

Striving to maintain the highest ethical, moral and legal standards.


Exact Security Guards has the experience to provide superior protection o a diverse selection of properties and is large enough to handle special – event security, yet small enough accessible at all times. ESS’ clients fall within the following broad categories:

Residential SectorPrivate Homes

VIP Homes

Housing Estates

Condominium & Apartment

Commercial SectorHotel & Resort

Office Building

Shopping Mall


Recreational Clubs

Factories & Construction Site

Public SectorHospital


Government Office

Education Institutional

National Building

Public Transportation


As a company and as individuals we value above all else honesty, integrity, unselfishness, professionalism and mutual respect. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, staff and partners by honouring our commitments, providing results and continually striving to provide the highest quality security services.

Why Choose Us..

We aren’t simply an organization offering security guards or kept an eye on guarding. A significant number of our staff are ex-military work force and have given security in some the most threatening spots. This experience and the continuous preparing and bolster they get makes us one of the main security organizations around.