Pos Malaysia Berhad

Pos Malaysia

Express Courier Malaysia

Pos Malaysia Berhad is a postal development association in Malaysia, with history coming back to mid 1800s.

Pos Malaysia gives postal and related associations, to be express:

Standard Mail (Flexipack Domestic, Standard Mail, Non-Standard Mail, Postcards, Mel Rakyat, Pos Ekspres, Pos Daftar, Pos Solutions).

Emissary, Express and Parcels CEP (Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Time Certain Service, Pos Parcel, Pos Ekspres, Pos Laju Prepaid Pack, On-Demand Pick-up, Prepaid Envelopes/Boxes).

Retail (Bill parcels, driving gift revamping endeavors, particular affirmation, vehicle shipping associations).

Overall Mail (International inbound and outbound sends, little bundles, groups).

Joint efforts (Warehousing, cargo sending).

online business (e-satisfaction, e-divide, e-business center).

The affiliation holds a restrictive admission to give mail benefits through its game plan of more than 926 branches and humbler than customary post workplaces in Malaysia. Regardless, setback sends issue still as regularly as conceivable revealed, in any case no estimations suitable to the comprehensive network.

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Pos Malaysia Behad History

The chronicled foundation of Pos Malaysia Berhad can be sought after back to the mid 1800s with the foundation of postal associations first in the Straits Settlements in Penang, Malacca and Singapore extending through whatever is left of Malaya by the mid twentieth century. Letters were then gone on through dispatch riders or remarkable errand people. Rather than postage stamps, costs were gathered when letters were turned in at the Post Office. Letters posted were given a receipt.

The framework later changed when the Indian stamps overprinted with crown and Straits’ stamps overprinted with dollars and pennies were presented in 1867. The focal presentation set of postage stamps was shown in 1901.

It was in addition begun as a mode for the transmissions of letters, papers and business records. The postal association before long advanced into an alternate associations supplier. It started to wander into pack development, selections, confirmation association, exchange of cash (postal interest and cash request) and hypothesis of favorable circumstances (Post Office Saving Bank).

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The postal association, by then known as Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos – Postal Services Department (PSD), additionally started to expect control indeed extraordinary associations in light of a real worry for the Government divisions. It began to collect segment of power charge, opportunity of canine permit, part of focal points, closeout of TV allow and others.

In 1992, Pos Malaysia Berhad was corporatised from the PSD. In September 2001, Pos Malaysia Berhad was recorded on the then Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (before long known as Bursa Malaysia Berhad) through a turn takeover of a Philio Allied Berhad envisioning its posting status. Today, Pos Malaysia has different Strategic Business Units – POS Laju, POS International, Data Pos, POS ArRahnu, POS Digicert, POS Solutions and POS Online.